About Our Conference

The Ninth International Congress of the Institute for Positive Disintegration in Human Development is the next in a series of biennial international and interdisciplinary conferences on Dabrowski’s theory of Positive Disintegration.  Dabrowski’s theory, a developmental personality theory, has been developing since Kazimierz Dabrowski a Polish psychologist and psychiatrist began thinking and writing about it in the 1930s.  Since then, it has become the basis for theoretical, practical, and research applications across diverse disciplines.

Transformation, the theme of the July conference, is a broad cross-cutting process that applies to individuals, groups, nature... and is an integral construct in Dabrowski’s theory.  The program, while not finalized, includes presentations in the areas of development, theory, gifted education, counseling, spirituality, overexcitabilities, and others.  Presentations fall into four strands:  Theory, Overexcitabilities, Gifted, and Development and include whole group, breakout, panel, and discussion based sessions.

For more information on the theory, see http://www.positivedisintegration.com

Basic Conference Details

  • July 22-24, 2010
  • Late Registration now open - only $175 - includes opening reception, all breaks, and entry to all presentations!
  • Due July 9
  • One-day registration not available for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - only $85.
  • Pre-conference workshop:  Introduction to the Theory of Positive Disintegration with Drs. Cheryl M. Ackerman & Linda Kreger Silverman - only $60.
  • Location: Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, IL (website)
  • Conference Organizers:  Dr. Cheryl M. Ackerman (cma@udel.edu) and Dr. Michele Kane (michelekane1@aol.com)
  • Invited presentation by Dr. Michael M. Piechowski, Co-Author with K. Dabrowski of Theory of Levels of Emotional Development, Author of Mellow Out They Say, If Only I Could (http://www.mellowout.us), and Co-author with Susan Daniels of Living with Intensity

Travel Arrangements

Need to book a flight, rent a car, or need shuttle service - contact Ceil Roth, 888-301-1096, or ceil@mswli.com