Introduction to Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration

Thursday, July 22, 2010 – 1:30-5:00

If you are a relative newcomer to Dabrowski’s work or would like a refresher experience, this pre-conference workshop will be a helpful precursor to the more in-depth and diverse work to be discussed during the conference.  During the preconference, the major theoretical elements and how they are interconnected will be presented:  the five levels of development, developmental dynamisms, overexcitabilities, and other foundational aspects of the theory will be discussed. 

Drs. Cheryl M. Ackerman and Linda Kreger Silverman, have been making presentions, conducting research, and publishing on Dabrowski’s work for many many years.  They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge about the theory with them and will encourage lively dialogue to facilitate the understanding of workshop participants.

The workshop is only an additional $60 for this 3.5 hour workshop which includes handouts and a refreshment break. 
Be sure to add this to your regular registration when you complete your form.